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May is named for Maia, a Roman goddess of growth & increase. This month, Workato pays tribute to our lady of growth with new tools for RevOps teams, as well as a wealth of new connectors, governance features and productivity improvements.

  1. Connectivity boost for RevOps automations, with Segment and Gong Connectors
  2. Productivity improvements – Multi-Step Copy/Paste & Multi-User Lock
  3. Centralizing operations – Audit Log Streaming for Azure
  4. Connect everything: SAP S/4 HANA, Okta Secondary, and Community Library

A connectivity boost for RevOps automations

Following hot on the heels of LinkedIn, Eloqua, and ZoomInfo over the past 6 months, Workato gives RevOps teams two brand new connectors: Gong and Segment.

Segment Connector- Richer customer data from more sources

Segment is a customer data platform network (CDP). With CDPs, users can connect different data sources, govern the flow of customer data, aggregate and synthesize data, and derive insights from it.

Segment is great at aggregating data from multiple sources, and syncing to systems like marketing automation, CRMs and databases. However, it’s not set up for the conditional workflows or data enrichment required for tasks like checking lead quality and lead scoring. It’s also limited in the sources it can easily capture data from.

You can use Workato to ingest data into Segment. By using pre-built connectivity for over 1000+ applications, you can expand the sources of data that can be captured, cleansed and enriched before it reaches Segment. The end result is high-quality and ready-to-use customer data in your favorite CDP. 

Effortlessly enrich customer data for personalizing experiences

When capturing a new lead in Marketo, instead of sending the event directly into Segment, you can use  recipes to add more information like company size, industry, job title, order data or other attributes using sources like Shopify and ZoomInfo. Subsequently, the enriched lead arrives in Segment with much richer customer information to create personalized customer experiences.

Get more control on user data you want to capture

Segment is great at capturing low-level events like page views and clicks, but you can’t apply conditional logic to capture events like cart abandonment. In addition, some third-party data points, like Shopify notifications, aren’t natively supported as sources.

You can use the combination of triggers, trigger conditions and conditional actions to capture more specific behaviors like cart abandonment, or orders of a particular product. You can design recipes to capture the precise data or event, and then send these events to Segment, where they are absorbed into the main Customer Data pipeline.

To learn more, check out the Segment Connector docs.

Gong Connector- Activating conversational data

Revenue Intelligence is vital for GTM teams, but manually writing up learnings from your customer conversations is tedious and not scalable! By making critical insights like competitors involved, product feedback, pricing objections, and other information available to the right stakeholders faster, you can accelerate sales velocity and conversion.

Gong is a Revenue Intelligence platform that captures customer interactions across phone, web conferencing, and email, understands what was said, and delivers insights to help the sales team win more deals. It helps revenue leaders to:

  • Identify & mitigate deal risks
  • Maximize value of their pipeline

The Gong connector lets sales teams leverage the data Gong is already capturing and skip manually reentering data in Salesforce. Sales Managers don’t have to pester their team to do paperwork and SDRs/AEs get to spend more time selling. Smart automations can also help Revenue teams work together and get the most value from each seller’s experiences.

Automatically tag deals when competitors are mentioned in calls

Update Salesforce with insights from Gong on competitors, budget, and use cases. Instead of manually entering all this info, Sales Reps can get a summary of the day’s calls from Slack for a quick review to check everything is accurate.

Empower your GTM team with winning strategies in Competitive deals

Know when a competitor is mentioned in a call from Gong. Automatically identify account execs who have won deals against that competitor from Salesforce. Tag those AEs in a Slack message to enable knowledge sharing.

Reliable funnel reporting and objective win/loss analysis

Automatically sync opportunity details from Gong instead of entering manually in Salesforce. Generate your month-end and quarterly reports without individually begging, bribing, cajoling, and threatening each individual rep. More complete data drives better post-mortems and more available coaching examples.

Head to the Gong Connector docs to learn more.

Productivity Improvements

Increasing reuse and speed with multi-step copy/paste

We are constantly making improvements to the recipe design experience to increase speed of use. Earlier this year we launched support for copy, mask, delete, and skip operations across multiple steps in a single recipe.

The latest update to the recipe editor enables you to copy and paste multiple steps, including actions and control statements (if-else, error monitoring, etc) across recipes. 

As a result, you can save serious time when you want to reuse steps from one recipe to another. The copy/paste operation also makes it easy to identify the invalid mappings, and quickly remap those with recommended data pills.

To remap data to copy/pasted steps, all you need to do is:

  • Select a new datapill from an automatically populated list
  • Optionally apply similar mappings to every other field in the step. For example, if you remap the Campaign field of an email to a Campaign ID from Salesforce, Workato will automatically look for relevant Salesforce mappings for other fields.
  • Review and accept automated re-mappings.

Best Practice Tip: Copy/paste is crazy useful, especially for reusing business logic, data transformations and mappings across multiple recipes. Consider converting the same reusable steps into a callable recipe when the set of steps can be used across several recipes. 

Safer collaboration with multi-user edit lock

Workato is great for enabling multiple users to collaborate on creating automations. Occasionally, this means that more than one person might try to edit a recipe at the same time. In these cases, the first editor to save their changes “wins” and other editors need to refresh the page and make their changes again.

To save unnecessary rework, Workato now helps you to anticipate and avoid collisions. If a user is already editing a recipe, we’ll display a lock symbol along with the avatar of the user already editing the recipe. This gives you the option of waiting, or reaching out to the current editor to coordinate your updates.

Centralizing operations

Stream audit logs to Microsoft Azure Monitor

A vital part of applying automation at scale across an organization is the ability to monitor operations, and actively audit changes. For this reason, Workato’s Audit Log Streaming lets you store a job history of all your recipes, along with login and user activity records, to any HTTP-based log service.

This month, we’ve added native support for Azure Monitor. To stream your logs to Azure Monitor, all you need to do is set up Workato’s connector by supplying your Workspace ID and Secret Key. In other words, no need to manually configure the HTTP connection.

Learn more about Audit Log Streaming and Azure Monitor in our docs.

Connect Everything

Our suite of Connectors continues to grow, adding support for SAP S/4 HANA, a secondary instance of Okta, and improvements to our Community Library.


SAP released HANA (High-Speed Analytical Appliance), a next generation database platform designed to supplant SAP ECC, back in 2015. However as of today, only about half of the Enterprise Resource Planning giant’s customers have either transitioned to HANA, or are planning to in the next 2 years. One reason companies have been slow to transition? A shortage of the skills needed to recreate the complex integrations that drive their legacy implementation of SAP ECC.

Workato’s S/4 HANA connector gives companies the tools they need to easily create new integrations between SAP and tools like Salesforce, making migration less painful. Workato also makes it easy to integrate your ERP system with the tools your teams use every day.

Replace legacy integrations with Workato recipes

Cut the time and expense needed to migrate from SAP ECC. For example, you can sync your master product database from SAP to Salesforce, or your Customer records from Salesforce to SAP.

Integrate with modern tools

ERP databases tend to be large and difficult to work with directly. With Workato, build user-friendly integrations with tools your team actually uses. For instance, integrate with Slack and Teams to easily pull invoices, payment and fulfillment details.

As always, see more in the docs.

Secondary Okta Connector

Okta is one of the leading platforms for Identity and Access Management in the cloud. It’s common for Okta customers to create more than one environment in Okta to support separate or overlapping user groups. For example, a company might have an environment to manage internal users, and another for external users.

To support these use cases, we have released an Okta secondary connector. It supports the exact same actions and requires the same setup as the primary connector, allowing you to sync users between two Okta environments, or update two Okta environments in the same recipe.

Find out more about the Okta Connector in the docs.

Community Profiles and Private Listings

Partners play an integral role in the Workato ecosystem. They not only provide recipes and services, but also build out connectors for applications in their specialized verticals. In order to support our vision of connecting everything, it’s vital that our partners can evangelize the work they do and grow their business. To that end, we’ve rolled out two important updates to our Community Library:

  • Community Profiles allows partners to create a public listing in the community library with information about their company, including contact details, website, and their domain expertise.
  • Private Listings enables partners to list their connectors and showcase connector capability without sharing the source code of the connector. Partners can direct users to a custom landing page or their website to learn more. Private Listings allow partners to promote their brand, value and connectors to the Workato community to grow their business.

This wraps up our May 2021 Product Updates. Any feedback or suggestions? Please send them our way at

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