Network Tracing for Test Jobs

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During recipe development, developers test recipes by going to the Test Jobs tab and clicking the Test button. This update shows the network tracing for test jobs giving detailed HTTP header, request and response information.

How does this help?

Users want increased developer productivity and robust recipes. Developers want bug-free recipes.

With the network tracing for test jobs, developers can:

  • Detect errors early on during recipe development to create more robust recipes
  • Resolve errors faster by troubleshooting the HTTP call details like headers and request payload
  • Easily cross-check recipe logic with the action input and output to network tracing HTTP request
  • Test the recipe as usual – network tracing should automatically show up

Network tracing is an ideal way to review HTTP calls during development without needing any extra effort from developer or ops.

How does it work?

Network tracing for test jobs serves as the network-borne early warning (NEW) like the AWACS (airborne warning and control system). Developers test the recipes as they always do by going to the recipe editing mode and clicking the Test button. The network tracing for the actions will be available in the Debug tab.


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Table of Contents