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Last week, our first annual Automate Conference brought together thousands of people from all over the world to share skills and best practices for automating at scale. Workato is unique among automation solutions for our focus on bringing together technical and non-technical users. Because Workato is accessible to everyone, it’s the ideal hub to build an automation-first culture for your organization.

The Product Showcase stage at Automate offered a series of workshops on how to kickstart that culture, showing how every part of the enterprise, from Ops to Revenue, can benefit from automation.

If you weren’t able to join us at Automate, don’t despair. Seriously, it’s okay, we record this stuff. It’s not too late. You can catch up with each of our eight Product Showcase sessions linked below.

A Practical Guide to Creating an Integration-First Culture

Deven & Pratik chat to Tony O’Rourke at Ripple about how to capture long-tail automation opportunities beyond the top priority use cases that traditionally command developer time. Combining an easy-to-use experience with the right governance model is key to successfully empowering the “citizen developers” needed to spread automation culture throughout an organization.

DEVEN MARU – Director of Product Management, Workato
PRATIK DHOLAKIA – Enterprise Architect, Workato
TONY O’ROURKE – Sr. IT Systems Engineer, Ripple

Designing Delightful Experiences with Human-Like Bots

Workbot for Slack is one of Workato’s most popular features. Jan talks to Vasu Jain, from Slack, about the opportunities presented by bot automations.

JAN DONYADA – Product Manager, Workato
VASU JAIN – Senior Software Engineer, Slack

Scaling Document-Oriented Automations with APIs & AI

Document processing can be a major bottleneck for many organizations. Jan Cerny from BioPak, and Priya Dodwad from Rapid7 join Gabriel to talk about integrating document processing into a modern cloud infrastructure, leveraging APIs and AI.

GABRIEL SIM – Product Manager, Workato
JAN CERNY – Head of Information Technology, BioPak
PRIYA DODWAD – Senior Application Integration Engineer, Rapid7

Accelerating API democratization with Low-Code/No-Code

For APIs to be successful, they need to be designed with the consumer in mind. Ee Shan talks to Alec Ellebracht at Confluent about developing a consumption-first mindset when designing APIs. 

EE SHAN SIM – Product Manager, Workato
ALEC ELLEBRACHT – Staff Business Systems Engineer, Confluent

Reshaping Operations with Automations

Each Workato recipe has access to a complete set of tools for Ops, including monitoring, alerting, and error handling. Grace talks to Manuel Roldan-Vega at Varonis about how Workato has shaped Operations. Learn best practices around centralizing Operations and designing for error handling.

GRACE NG – Product Manager, Workato
MANUEL ROLDAN-VEGA – Integration Architecture Team Leader, Varonis

Connector SDK: From Zero to Connected in 20 mins or Less

While Workato has built a large and growing suite of Connectors, we want to be able to power any automation use case our customers can dream up. So far, customers have used our Connector SDK to create over ten thousand custom connectors to fit their own unique needs. In this session Sophat from Autodesk joins Bennett to talk about how to design a custom connector.

BENNETT GOH – Product Manager, Workato
SOPHAT SAM – Integration Solution Engineer, Autodesk

The Security Priority

Workato aims to democratize automation by empowering builders within your organization at all technical skill levels. But to empower citizen builders, you need powerful security and governance controls. Workato co-founder and Head of Engineering, Harish Shetty, leads an overview of Workato’s security features, plus a preview of some upcoming enhancements.

5 Workato Hacks You Didn’t Know About

This one’s for the Heads. Amanda and CJ from Workato’s Solutions team let you in on some of our top tips & tricks for getting the most out of Workato, including working with excel files, using SQL transformations, and moving on-prem data.

AMANDA WONG – Solutions Engineer, Workato
CHI JIE (CJ) WEE – Solutions Consultant, Workato

Now you’re caught up, let us know how you’re pursuing an automation-first culture in your organization. Send any questions and feedback to

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