Product Hour

Accelerating GTM velocity with CDP and revenue intelligence automations

Published: Jun 2021

Why should you watch?

Data is only as valuable as the actions it drives. Go-to-market teams want access to more and better data than ever, faster.

Lead-enrichment tools can turn an email address into a complete company profile, revenue intelligence platforms can capture conversational data from customer calls and emails, and a Customer Data Platform can organize all of that data around a golden record.

But to get a competitive advantage from your data, you need to put it to work. Enriched leads empower faster personalized responses.

Revenue intelligence creates alignment between your sales, marketing, product and customer success teams to win deals. In other words, data should drive action.

Join this Product Hour to learn how you can use automation to operationalize your data and empower your go-to-market teams.

What will you learn?

  • Use enrichment data to increase speed-to-lead
  • Connect more sources to Segment
  • Turn conversational data into actions
  • Capture CRM data in real-time
  • Faster sales cycles with deal rooms
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Hosted By

Kale Bogdanovs
Sr. Outbound Product Manager