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Faster access to tools and connections

Our product and design teams have been hard at work to improve the experience and productivity of our users when using the product. Over the past few months a lot of new tools – account properties, lookup tables, teams, reusable schemas, recipe packages- have been added to the platform. The old way of accessing it from the drop down menu made navigating to specific sections inefficient and challenging for users. With the new design, there is a clear separation between sections relevant for your account (account settings, logout) and sections relevant to recipes (tools, app connections, community recipes).

Given most users access the sections relevant to recipe building e.g. finding re-usable recipes shared by community, adding or editing connections or adding/editing properties or lookup tables- these sections are available to access from the top navigation bar. It is not longer hidden inside the menu for accounts.



The account menu only includes account settings, logout and list of teams you are collaborating with. If your account is not a collaborator, the menu actions are limited to Account Settings and logout only. Don’t be alarmed if you find the tools, lookup tables, connections etc. missing from this menu. We have given them a newly designed home!

Organizing an Array of Tools

When you navigate to the tools section, you may find a few more tools than you had observed before. The list of tools will keep growing as we add more capabilities to the platform. The tools included in your current plan are listed at the top half of the page. The bottom section provides an overview of other tools that are available upon upgrade to your plan. If you are interested in using a particular tool that requires an upgrade, check the Workato pricing page for more details on the plans that include the tool.


You will also observe that the tools have been carefully organized in 3 sections:

  • Build a Recipe – All the tools needed when building a recipe e.g. properties, lookup tables, reusable schemas, pub/sub and people tasks. Click on each tool icon will take you to the detail page for that tool.
  • Connect Apps – All tools for extending connectivity –  connector SDK to build new or customize existing connectors; on-prem agent (OPA) to connect to apps, databases, file servers that reside behind a firewall
  • Collaborate and Manage Recipes – All tools to facilitate collaborative development – team management to add collaborators; recipe packages to manage the lifecycle of recipes.

Custom Connectors


In addition to the 650+ pre-built connectors available on our platform, you can use our SDK to build new connectors or extend the functionality of existing connectors. All the custom connectors you build using the SDK will be accessible and managed from the Connector SDK tools page.


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Table of Contents