May 2020 Product Newsletter

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While many countries and cities start to relax social distancing rules around the world, we hope that all of you are continuing to stay safe. The Workato product team is still working remotely while the feature release train has continued to chug along. Read on to learn about the major updates we released in May.

    1. NetSuite Custom Fields Mapping Update
    2. Never Miss Important Updates for Critical Recipes
    3. Take Charge of Your Team Memberships
    4. Workato + Zoom
    5. Unexpected Automations

NetSuite Custom Fields Mapping Update

We updated our NetSuite connector to preserve the mapping of custom fields when migrating recipes or reusing templates. No more hassles of having to remap the custom fields when you reconnect to a new Netsuite instance.

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Never Miss Important Updates for Critical Recipes

Not all recipes are created equal, some are more critical than others and require immediate attention when exceptions occur. Now, with folder level notifications you can turn on notifications only from folders that contain your business critical recipes. Reduce noise and act on what is important faster.

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Take Charge of Your Team Memberships

Workato is designed for collaboration. You can belong to multiple teams at the same time, and switch between them. With the newly added Team membership section, you can review your latest team memberships, join other teams, or leave a team.

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Workato + Zoom

Learn how you can accelerate sales cycles by connecting Zoom to Marketo, Salesforce, Box and many other applications and databases. Workato’s Zoom connector enables you to collect event registrants, enrich attendee data, and record webinars to any repository.

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Unexpected Automations

Join us in conversation with Jessalyn Klein, Head of People and Culture, to learn how HR leaders can use unexpected automations to boost employee wellness and experience in this new era of remote work.

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This wraps up our May 2020 Product Updates. Any feedback or suggestions? Please send them our way at

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Table of Contents