January 2017- Streamline your eCommerce processes with Magento

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Product Release Summary


Platform Updates

Lookup tables

One of the key features we rolled out this month is the ability to easily retrieve frequently used static data (eg: lookup for a zipcode when we have a city name, conversion from metric to SI etc.). You can import the data into your account via CSV files, or via an ‘add entry’ action in a recipe. For more info, please read this article.

Data retention policy

We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your data and we only store job-related data to allow you to have better insight and control over your jobs. For this reason, we rolled out a data retention limit for new users. For Business plans and up, you now have the ability to configure the data retention limit from 1 day up to your plan limit.

Recipe API / Workato Admin App

With our Recipe API you can easily monitor your Workato integrations, setting up notifications on failed jobs or stopped recipes. You can also perform actions on your integrations like starting/stopping them or getting info from them within other recipe workflows. Access the API endpoint reference here, or use the connector here. To manage your token in your account, go to Settings >> API Key. For more info, read more here.

Recipe Enhancements

‘My Recipe’ Search

Getting lost in the sea of recipes on your account? We’ve added a handy dandy search bar to your recipe page so you can easily locate your recipes. This search is able to pick up keywords from the various parts of your recipes including title, apps used and description.

App data tree Search

We’ve added a search bar within each app data tree so there’s no need to comb through tons of data fields. For example, if you have a ‘Search Cases’ action, you’ll be able to search for keywords within the fields in the ‘search cases’ action.

Connector hints

Keep an eye out for our connector hints, which make suggestions on fields and data mapping while you’re building a recipe. So far, we’ve completed work on a dozen connectors – this is an ongoing project and we will keep adding hints to more and more connectors.

Formula editor help

When toggling to formula mode, you can now see a list of formulas you can use, as well as the hints and examples of the syntax. If you have a pill in formula mode, there will be a prompt asking you to add a period behind the pill to view the available formulas you can use. Additionally, when you click on a formula, you can get a more detailed view of the formula and how to use it. If the formula requires additional parameters, the formula hint will be highlighted as you type, thus providing you with more guidance and ensuring that you use the correct formula syntax.

New & Updated connectors


We’ve added a connector for Magento. You can now streamline your ecommerce processes with other key apps like Salesforce, QuickBase, Netsuite and others across your business. For more information, visit Magento Integrations


Collaborate better across your teams with our new Wrike adapter. Automate your project management processes by creating workflows between Write and your favorite apps. For more info, visit Wrike Integrations


Thanks to our friends at WebMerge, we’ve also added support for a WebMerge connector. Easily collect data from Wufoo forms, or from project management tools like Podio for streamlined paperwork process. For more info, visit WebMerge Integrations

Support for buttons in Slack Connector

We’ve now made it even easier for you to take actions in your apps from Slack. Add interactive buttons as part of your workflows so it becomes literally just a button-click away to get your job done. You can easily create recipes that trigger off the button-click and orchestrate your automation right from Slack. Try it out and let us know your thoughts!

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Table of Contents