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What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a platform that merges marketing, sales, customer service into a full-fledged CRM platform where teams from any department can get a complete picture of a customer journey with your business.

The enhancements to the HubSpot connector add more value to one of our top and also fastest growing connectors in terms of recipes.

What’s new in our enhanced HubSpot Connector

HubSpot connector

HubSpot connector enhancements

We added great improvements to our triggers for HubSpot with the introduction of New and New/updated object triggers.

Better UX

  • With the introduction of object based triggers – we’re laying the groundwork to support many more objects. This ties in closely with the introduction of custom objects in HubSpot.
  • We will be deprecating old triggers in the near future.

Time machine capabilities for triggers

  • Before, you were only able to pull records from the time you started the recipe.
  • Now, you can select any time in the past to start pulling records when you start the recipe. This is often critical for our customers to do syncs where you want to sync all contacts followed by delta records.

Greater stability

  • Before, due to limitations in HubSpot’s legacy API, you might have seen some stability issues with errors coming HubSpot.
  • Now, you will see greater improved stability of the trigger with no interruptions.

Ability to trigger off new or new/updated tickets

  • Before, you could only trigger jobs off contacts, deals and companies in HubSpot.
  • Now, you will be able to trigger jobs off new or new/updated tickets in HubSpot and sync these tickets to support applications like ServiceNow or Freshdesk.

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Table of Contents