Automated and flexible logs processing using customized audit log message

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What’s “Audit Log Streaming”?

Audit log streaming lets users send job history details and user activity log to an external event management service like Sumo logic, Datadog, S3, Splunk and more. The streaming is done over HTTP.

What’s new?

Users can now customize the audit log message by adding custom fields to the message using the JSON format.

How this helps

    • If the event processing (e.g. Coralogix) requires incoming logs to be sent in a specific format
    • Support automatic and correct processing of logs in the event management application (Splunk, Datadog etc.), leading to faster log analysis

How to get started

Users simply need to add the {{log_message}} placeholder for replacing with the actual Workato audit log message. Navigate to Account Settings > Log streaming and enable CUSTOMIZE LOG MESSAGE to put it in action.


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Table of Contents