April 2021 – Product Updates

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In the Wasteland, April is the cruelest month, but here at Workato we have a bounty of exciting updates to share. This month, we’re bringing you a connector with ZoomInfo, a new data center in Europe, shiny new docs, and improved SQL connectors.

    1. Get Maximum Value From Your Lead Enrichment Data With the ZoomInfo Connector
    2. European Data Center Launched
    3. A Brand New Docs Experience
    4. Simpler Recipes & Higher Throughput for SQL Server Automations

Get Maximum Value From Your Lead Enrichment Data With the ZoomInfo Connector

Speed to lead is the core of B2B sales. The chances of successfully qualifying a lead decrease dramatically after the first five minutes. For this reason, Sales and Marketing intelligence platforms like ZoomInfo can give you a critical edge, by helping you reach out to your most promising leads as soon as possible.

But data is only as valuable as what you can do with it. Workato’s ZoomInfo connector goes beyond just giving your sales reps access to lead enrichment data.

Qualify leads before they ever hit Salesforce

Piping contacts from your lead generation tools straight to Salesforce leads to wasted time, forcing your sales reps to manually research and qualify leads as the golden window slips away. Workato can take advantage of data provided by ZoomInfo to automate initial lead qualification based on company size, revenue, or target verticals, and upload only qualified leads to Salesforce for the attention of your sales reps.

Enrich contacts in Salesforce

Once you’ve qualified that an organization fits your customer profile, you need to make sure you’re talking to the right people within the org. Workato can search ZoomInfo for a ranking of appropriate contacts based on criteria like job title, department, and management level, and upload full contact profiles to Salesforce. This allows your reps not only to reach out to the correct person, but to be able to personalize the contact with up-to-date details.

Arm your reps with the latest information

ZoomInfo’s News and Scoops APIs provide access to recent press clippings for an organization, as well as information about major company events, awards, personnel, and location changes. These insights are not part of ZoomInfo’s off-the-rack Salesforce integration, but Workato can make sure your reps have access to the latest info by adding ZoomInfo’s News and Scoops items to Salesforce as notes. You can sync news and scoops to Salesforce at regular intervals, or trigger a sync whenever a Salesforce task is due.


New European Data Center

We’re excited to announce that our new European data center, located in Frankfurt, Germany, is now available.

This new location gives customers the option to keep all of their data in EU data center facilities located within the region, and includes

  • 100% in-region data locality
  • No replication or backup to US data centers.
  • Same high-availability architecture as our US infrastructure
  • Infrastructure and code base updates on the same schedule as the US

Read the full blog post here.

A Brand New Docs Experience

This month, we’re proud to launch some updates to our docs to help you find what you need to get on with automating:

  • Search is now prominently included in the header of every docs page, with new search features including word completion, previews, and page rankings to get you to the right page faster.
  • A new Troubleshooting section featuring precise instructions for fixing common recipe errors.
  • A brand new home page, offering personalized experiences for Recipe Builders, Workato Admins, Developers, and Prospects.
  • Improved in-page navigation in the right-hand sidebar.

Experience it for yourself here.

Simpler Recipes & Higher Throughput for Database Operations

Databases are a very popular category of applications. Working with large volumes of data at high speed into databases like Snowflake, SQLServer, Postgres, and BigQuery  is a common requirement.

The latest updates to the database connectors increases the row limit, i.e. capacity to process data in a single operation, to 50,000 rows. This increase in limit essentially allows you to fetch or load 50,000 rows in a single operation, thus increasing the throughput.

The current update supports the 50,000 row increase for the following actions:

  • Select Rows 
  • Select Rows with Custom SQL 
  • Run Custom SQL 
  • Execute stored procedure 

This increase lets you handle more data, and write simpler recipes without the need for recipe pagination. Just compare:

The old way (8 steps)

The new way (3 steps)

Similar updates to the Redshift and Snowflake connectors are on the way.

This wraps up our April 2021 Product Updates. Any feedback or suggestions? Please send them our way at product@workato.com.


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