Product Hour

Best practices for working with On-Prem Databases, ERPs, apps and more

Thursday, June 1st
Published: May 2023

Automation of business processes often requires flow of data across a mix of cloud and “ground” (on-premise) applications like databases, ERPs, message queues, legacy apps, file servers. 

Workato’s on-prem agent sits behind your organization’s firewall to provide secure, controlled access to apps like SAP, Concur, Active Directory, Oracle, JMS  and several others. Using the on-premise agent (OPA) removes the need to open ports in your firewall for every app and database, reducing the surface area for security attacks.

Join Piotr Zwardon to learn how to use the OPA to seamlessly work on-premise data into your automations.

What will you learn?

  • OPA components, and configurations
  • Securely connecting to on-prem apps
  • Ensuring high-availability, load-balancing
  • Monitoring OPA status and errors.
  • Faster throughput with OPA Smart Shunt
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Hosted By

Piotr Zwardoń
Product Manager