Universal access to any AWS service with HTTP connector enhancements

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The AWS ecosystem now comprises more than 175 services which include services for computing, storage, networking, databases and more. To address the growing needs for connectivity to this wide range of AWS services, we have introduced new enhancements to our HTTP connector, allowing for authentication to any AWS service.

Why the HTTP connector
Customers want the freedom to integrate any of their AWS services with Workato without having to wait for the connector roadmap to catch up. With the HTTP connector, our customers will now be able to integrate any AWS service whilst also enjoying our HTTP wizard to guide them through the configuration of the action.

What can you expect with the new enhancement

  • Connections via Access key or IAM role using the exact same methodology as our AWS S3 connector
  • Connect to any of the 175 AWS services – Simply choose from a dropdown of top AWS services when creating a connection
  • Incredibly simple and fast AWS integrations – Our HTTP wizard guides you through the setup process so you’re connected in minutes.


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Table of Contents