Product Hour

Transform Your API Strategy with Workato’s API Proxy

Published: Dec 2023

We are excited to introduce the latest addition to Workato’s API platform – API Proxy.

The API Proxy feature offers significant advantages such as improved connectivity, enhanced security, and streamlined API management, which are vital in today's interconnected digital environment. We'll explore various real-world scenarios where this feature can be applied, demonstrating its versatility and impact in different business contexts.

Join us in this Product Hour to learn how Workato can simplify the setup and management of API proxies. This webinar will showcase how approachable and user-friendly the platform is, making the integration and management of API proxies accessible to users of all skill levels.

We'll provide insights and tips for smooth adoption, emphasizing how to leverage this feature for optimal performance and security in your API interactions.

What will you learn?

  • Introduction to API Proxy
  • Understanding the benefits
  • Live demo of real-life use cases
  • Strategies for effective implementation
  • Q&A


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Hosted By

Ryan West
Product Marketing Manager
Ee Shan Sim
Group PM