Product Hour

How to Drive Sustainable Growth With RevOps Automations

Published: Jul 2020

Why should you watch?

Now more than ever, your sales team has to engage smarter with buyers in order to be successful.

To stand out in the B2B landscape, you need to tailor your sales strategies, personalize the experience at every stage of the buyer journey, and most importantly, reach your buyers in the moments that matter.

Learn how buyer intent, job history, and professional network data can unlock insights about potential buyers and create opportunities.

Join us in conversation with Bhaskar Roy, Head of Growth and Marketing, to learn how unexpected automations can help you identify and connect with the right leads, shorten sales cycles, and expand your most important accounts.


What will you learn?

  • Identify high-value accounts with intent data
  • Use insights to prioritize and personalize sales activities
  • Generate leads from undiscovered sources
  • Book more sales meetings from existing web traffic
  • Grow existing accounts with expansions
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Hosted By

Raina Ahuja
Product Marketing
Bhaskar Roy
Head of Growth & Marketing