Product Hour

How to Build Scalable and Robust Salesforce Migration Processes

Published: Nov 2020

Why should you watch?

Salesforce migration isn’t walk in the park nor is it a “implement and we are done” process.

Aside from the challenges of reliably migrating data, building sanity checks to ensure quality and business continuity it requires a well designed preparation, implementation, and support plan.

How do you manage data migrations at large scale with maximum data accuracy and no data loss? What solution architecture will make your integrations resilient to failures, enable faster recovery at scale, and ensure zero downtime?

Join us in this Product Hour to hear Mike Flynn, Head of Enterprise Automation at Rapid7, discuss the strategies, best practices, caveats and execution plan for Salesforce migration.


What will you learn?

  • Large scale data migration for Salesforce
  • Zero tolerance for data loss
  • Zero tolerance for failure
  • How to build for zero operational footprint
  • Design considerations for zero downtime
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Hosted By

Mike Flynn
Enterprise Architect, Rapid7