Robust data protection and compliance with flexible data retention

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Securing customer data is a core value of our platform. With data protection standards, such as GDPR, and the sheer mass of data that companies collect and accumulate, the protection and control of information has become increasingly important.

What is flexible data retention?

  • Customers can customize their data retention period to fit their compliance policies
  • Data retention periods can be set in hours or days
  • The retention periods will vary by plan

Why is this important?

Due to highly publicized instances of data breach, most enterprise customers are sensitive and insistent on protecting their data. With the flexible and lower data retention period support, data breach exposure is limited since Workato will destroy the data when data retention period ends.

How do I change the data retention period?

Customer administrator or account owner of Business and above plans can navigate to Account Settings > Data Retention to configure data retention. Specify number of hours or days and the data retention period unit.

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Table of Contents