Recipe lifecycle management automation with manifests and APIs

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For Whom

  • Enterprise Customers
  • Multiple Environments/Accounts (Dev/Test/Production)
  • Available for Business Plus and above plans

Challenges Addressed

  • Automation of delivery cycles – from build/change, to testing to deployment to reduce error rates and increase speed of delivery for business
  • Elimination of manual steps to create and move packages (recipes & dependencies) across environments Support integration with external version control software and deployment automation

How it works

  • Users can create manifests – a record of all assets (recipes & dependencies) that is included in the package.
  • Manifests eliminate manual selection to ensure consistency in export of recipes & dependencies
  • Automated tracking and auditability of package changes to reduce errors
  • Additionally, APIs available to export and import packages help with deployment automation

Why is it useful

  • Faster recipe deployment cycles with less effort
  • Reduced errors when deploying mission critical automations in production
  • Improved visibility and consistency across the development lifecycle


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Table of Contents