Job Debug Tracing

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Why this is important

Many times recipes and actions in the recipe may run into an error requiring debugging. For example, if a customer gets 404 Not Found when updating an incident in ServiceNow as part of incident management automation.

As the size and complexity of the project grows, so does the time consumed in debugging errors. Whether Workato is used by developers, integration specialists or citizen developers, it is critically important to make it easy to find and debug errors so developers can spend more time building automations.

What we’ve done

  • Most connectors make HTTP requests as part of each action (for example, actions like Update Record or Search Record by the Salesforce connector)
  • This feature traces HTTP request details for each action in the recipe
  • Shows HTTP URL, headers, request and response for each HTTP request
  • Available in the Debug tab of the action line when a job is rerun


  • Increase developer velocity in building functional Workato recipes (because of faster identification, investigation, and resolution of issues)
  • Respond to and solve production issues faster
  • Shorten duration of impact to user experience during production issues
  • Reduce time and cost in troubleshooting issues


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Table of Contents