Product Hour

How to build reusable and modular recipes with functions

Published: Feb 2023

Recipe functions are reusable, self-contained snippets of recipe logic and steps that can be called from other recipes. It is well understood that creating reusable components for automations helps your teams greatly optimize the development process and increase productivity.

Additionally, creating these reusable behaviors drive standardization, simplify testing, improve reliability and readability of recipes, and significantly reduce the maintenance efforts.

Watch this Product Hour to learn how to develop a reuse first mindset when designing recipes, and the principles to apply when building recipe functions.


What will you learn? 

  • Why use Recipe Functions?
  • Creating your first Recipe Function
  • Asynchronous vs Synchronous modes
  • Testing, troubleshooting, and error handling
  • Recipe Functions vs APIs
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Hosted By

Rishi Debnath
Automation Evangelist
Chi Jie Wee
Solutions Architect (Pre-sales)