Product Hour

How to build a composable CDP with Snowflake and Workato

Published: Apr 2023

Customer Data Platform (CDP) gives businesses actionable intelligence to effectively engage with their customers. Traditional packaged CDPs fall short on delivering the end-to-end capabilities for comprehensive and rich collection of first-party customer data, customizable data models, and flexible automations for data activation.

Instead you can build a composable CDP with best-in-class technologies for collecting data, custom data models optimized for your needs, and automations to activate data at the speed your business moves. The modular architecture of a composable CDP makes it more extensible, agile, and improves the overall effectiveness of your company’s customer data strategy. 

Join this Product Hour session to learn how you can use Snowflake and Workato to build a composable CDP that reduces costs, delivers value faster, and is future-ready.

What will you learn?

  • How customer data powers enterprises
  • Components of a composable CDP
  • Unifying first-party customer data
  • Optimizing data models
  • Activating data with automations
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Hosted By

Eeliang Sim
Product Manager