Product Hour

5 Hacks for Maximizing Return on Ad Spend and Higher Lead Conversion

Published: Nov 2020

Why should you watch?

With growth targets to meet RevOps teams heavily rely on automations to optimize campaign performance,  drive traffic, generate and convert leads faster.

Often these are a series of automations to attract & capture leads; enrich, qualify and route for faster responses; segment for personalized nurturing; track, measure and analyze to optimize the funnel for higher conversions.

And by connecting ad platforms like LinkedIn to Snowflake, you can provide instant access to analytics on campaign performance,  calculate ROI and optimize your advertising spend.

Join this Product Hour to learn how you can use the latest additions to our RevOps connector stack, Eloqua and LinkedIn,  for lead management, real-time campaign analytics and optimization.


What will you learn?

  • How to improve the quality of leads
  • Responding faster for higher conversion
  • Measuring performance in real-time
  • Running experiments to optimize spend
  • Automating operations for scale and speed
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Hosted By

Bennett Goh
Product Manager