Product Hour

Getting started with Workbot for Slack

Published: May 2022

Why should you watch?

Workbot is an easy way to build human interactions into your automations, using a chat platform, like Slack. 

Workbot gives you the power to create intuitive and rich experiences by building custom apps in Slack. Instead of your teams hopping between a dozen apps to get work done, Workbot can bring let them complete those tasks like creating a ticket, approving PTOs, reviewing resumes, submitting interview scorecards, and 1000s more without ever leaving Slack.

Building custom chat apps might seem advanced, but you don’t have to be a developer to create beautiful, functional bots. Join Brandon Chew, known within Workato as “the bot guy”, to learn how you can get started.


What will you learn?

  • Set up new Slack Apps in minutes
  • Build workflows that cover multiple apps and data sources
  • Incorporate roles, like requester/approver
  • Create tailored experiences for each individual user
  • Make your bot functionality discoverable with custom help
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Hosted By

Brandon Chew
Presales Enablement Manager