Product Hour

Best Practices for Enterprise Automation – I

Published: Oct 2020

Why should you watch?

Automation is permeating every industry, and type of work. Market leaders like Slack, Sony, Intuit, Visa, Box, and others are using automation to scale their businesses, create new customer experiences and products that are better and faster.

But automation isn’t one big launch, it’s a series of rapid incremental developments. We are launching this Best Practices series to share learnings from our customers on how to launch, and scale your automation journey.

Join us in this Product Hour to get insights on best practices for scaling and creating a culture of automation.


What will you learn?

  • Get started with your automation project
  • Apply useful automations for big impact
  • Setup environment for collaboration and governance
  • Design thinking for reusability, and scale
  • Create an “Automation First” culture
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Hosted By

Dan Kennedy
VP Enterprise Architect