Product Hour

Drive Growth and Retention With Product Usage Insights

Published: Sep 2020

Why should you watch?

Gathering product usage data by tracking each click, all activities, and any engagement your users take is critical to understanding your customers and driving growth and retention.

But often this data gold mine is locked away in data lakes, data warehouses, customer data platforms, only to be viewed with the help of fancy analytics and BI tools.

What if your sales team knew exactly when a customer is ready for upsell? What if you could automate a series of retention tasks based on responses to NPS surveys?

Join us and learn how unexpected automations can give your business a competitive advantage, help expand your most important accounts, and enhance the overall customer experience.


What will you learn?

  • Create upsell alerts to drive growth
  • Prevent churn with automated account health checks
  • Automate NPS surveys at scale
  • Delight customers with milestone rewards
  • Run smarter campaigns with RFM segmentation
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Hosted By

Scott Sugimoto
Director, Outbound Product Management
Raina Ahuja
Sr. Product Marketing Manager