Product Hour

Connector SDK – Zero to connected in 60 minutes

Published: Oct 2021

Why should you watch?

Did you know in addition to the pre-built connectors for 400+ SaaS apps, databases, ERPs and other systems, you could use 100s of more connectors built by our developer community?

Did you know you could build your own connector that exactly meets the specifications of your triggers, actions, data fields using the Connector SDK?

Did you know our customers have built 10,000+ custom connectors using the SDK, and are publishing some of them to our growing connector library?

Did you know you could build a custom connector in minutes?

Join us in the upcoming product hour to explore how you can go from zero to connected by using connectors from the community library, or building your own custom connector, and sharing connectors you have built with the community.


What will you learn?

• What is the connectivity problem?
• Why create your own custom connector?
• How to create your own connector in minutes
• Accelerating connector development with emulator
• How to publish connectors to the community library

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Hosted By

Bennett Goh
Product Manager