Connector SDK version control and release management

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The latest updates to the connector SDK enable customers to manage versions of the connector, rollback or roll forward to a specific version, control which version of the connector is used in recipes, and share custom connectors across workspaces.


Similar to recipe versioning, connector SDKs are automatically versioned when changes are made.

Version rollback and roll forward

It is easy to view the history of changes made to the connector by browsing the versions. Users can deploy a specific version by simply choosing to revert to that version of the connector.

Releasing a version

Users can now control which version of their custom connector is used in recipes by choosing to release a stable version of it. They can then continue building their custom connector without it affecting any active running recipes.

Sharing a custom connector

Users can share a custom connector across workspaces using share links or our recipe lifecycle management feature. When new versions of a custom connector are released, cloned connectors get a notification to upgrade to the latest released version.

Key benefits:

  • Active safeguards against the unwanted syntax errors spoiling recipes.
  • Ability to release stable versions and continue development without implicating live recipes.
  • Ability to roll back unwanted changes
  • Greater control over custom connector management
  • Enhanced developer experience


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Table of Contents