Product Hour

Building Modern Data Pipeline Architecture for Snowflake with Workato

Published: Nov 2020

Why should you watch?

A scalable and robust data pipeline architecture is essential for delivering high quality insights to your business faster.

It starts with creating data pipelines to replicate data from your business apps. But ensuring integrity and quality of data requires the pipelines to have built-in resiliency to adapt to schema changes, automatically recovering from failures, optimizing performance and above all flawless orchestration.

Join this Product Hour to hear Amy Jorde at Malwarebytes share their journey from zero to insights with Workato and Snowflake, and building a framework that is metadata driven and scales easily with rapid addition of new data sources.


What will you learn?

  • Setting up data pipelines for Snowflake
  • Automatic pipeline creation using metadata
  • Dynamic transformations using push-down SQL
  • Orchestration framework for effortless operations
  • Automations with Snowflake for usage based billing
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Hosted By

Amy Jorde
Senior Integration Engineer, Malwarebytes