Product Hour

Build an automation intake process with Workflow apps

Published: Feb 2024

Business workflows and processes are how work gets done. The applications that participate in these processes – the people, the data, rules and business logic – all vary from one organization to another.

Automating these workflows follows the same fundamentals as any other Workato recipe – plan your route, securely access data, control the data flow, and build your business logic. Workflow apps have a slight twist on those fundamentals: a user interface (UI) to submit, approve, and review data before sending it on through your business logic.

Join us in this Product Hour to learn how to build a Workflow app, the types of processes that can benefit from this human-driven approach, and what’s coming next for Workflow apps.

What will you learn?

  •  Set up a Workflow app
  •  Configure a submission and approval recipe
  •  Build dynamic pages
  •  Manage users
  •  Push an app live
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Hosted By

Ryan West
Technical PMM
Addie Jackson
Technical PMM
Mitya Burmistrov
Senior Product Manager