Product Hour

Build a Self-Serve IT Help Desk With Workbot and Slack Automations

Published: Mar 2021

Why should you watch?

When employees reach out to the help desk, they expect a prompt resolution to their requests. The increasing number of requests, recurring issues, poor process, and tools for tracking and communication can cause repetitive, and time-wasting tasks for your IT teams.

Unlock the full potential of your IT teams and tools by creating slick HelpDesk experiences in Slack that make creating, triaging, approving, and resolving tickets faster for every team.

Join this Product Hour to learn how Will Balson and the team at Box have used automations with Workbot for Slack to automate away costs, improve response times, and above all create delightful experiences for everyone.

What will you learn? 

  • How to run a help desk from Slack
  • Adopting self-service for speed and scale
  • Faster approvals, faster response times
  • War-rooms and escalations
  • And more!
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Hosted By

Will Balson
Business Systems Engineer, Box