Product Hour

Best Practices for Recipe Lifecycle Management and CI/CD

Published: Sep 2020

Why should you watch?

Change is the only constant. In Workato, as in life, the ability to adapt and manage changes is essential for growth and success

From managing versions of your automations, to building frameworks for collaboration and lifecycle management, to automating deployment for CI/CD, to analyzing impact and dependencies, and auditing changes - effective change management is essential for quality, agility and speed.

Join this Product Hour to learn more about how your teams can use various tools in Workato to create scalable and functional models for developing high responsiveness to changes, minimize risks of downtime and missed SLAs, and most importantly meet rapidly changing business demands.


What will you learn?

  • What is change management?
  • How does managing changes impact quality and agility?
  • Framework for effective change management
  • Tools, processes and automations
  • Best practices for change management
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Hosted By

Deven Maru
Director, Product Management