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Best practices for operational analytics and reverse ETL

Published: Nov 2022

Why should you watch? 

Operational analytics is the process of using data and insights to improve efficiency and streamline everyday operations. The right foundations and practices can drive faster decision making, deliver amazing experiences for customers, boost productivity, and drive revenue growth.

But converting insights into actions is still a challenge for many organizations. It starts with the creation of a single source of truth, which can be a data warehouse. This is followed by orchestrating a series of automations to make these insights directly accessible from SaaS tools your business teams already use.

Join this Product Hour to learn about how you can use reverse ETL and automations to fast track your operational analytics journey. We will cover popular use cases for data science, sales, marketing, CS and product-led growth.


What will you learn?

  • What is operational analytics?
  • How to get started?
  • Using reverse ETL and automations
  • Unlocking value with custom workflows
  • Demos, and more
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Hosted By

Ee Liang Sim
Product Manager
Janssen Tan
Product Insights Analyst

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