Product Hour

Best practices for Center of Excellence with Automation HQ

Published: Oct 2022

Why should you watch?

An automation center of excellence (COE) is an accelerator for creating an automation first culture. Rapid transformation at scale comes when different roles in an organization work together in a structured way so each can contribute their unique skills to accomplishing the business objectives.

 Centralized governance and guidance with decentralized execution is essential to onboarding and empowering more teams to be successful in their automation journeys.

Join the conversation to learn best practices for how your organization can use Automation HQ to build an automation center of excellence that includes security oversight, policies for Workspace administration, onboarding, training, and community building.

What will you learn?

  • Collaborative governance with Automation HQ
  • Setting up guardrails for decentralized execution
  • Security architecture for COE
  • Monitoring and controlling usage
  • Workspace Administration
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