Product Hour

API management best practices(EMEA)


Published: Jun 2024

It is no secret that businesses are increasingly relying on APIs to build a competitive edge in the digital economy. APIs drive productivity, innovation, agility, and significant reduction in operating costs. However, developing and maintaining APIs with traditional tools needs a large investment in infrastructure and developer costs.

To unlock the full potential of APIs, you need to democratize API management, giving developers and other teams in your organization a simple, fast, and secure way to publish and manage APIs.

Join this Product Hour to learn best practices around API management, and how you can unlock all that an API platform can provide.

What will you learn?

  • When and how to use API Platform and Proxy
  • Managing concurrency and queuing
  • Configuring authentication types and access profiles
  • Designing recipes for efficiency
  • Deciphering your API logs
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Hosted By

Arindam Chowdhury
Sr. Technical Consultant