Product Hour

Advanced automations for working with CSV files

Published: Aug 2022

Why should you watch?

When it comes to moving data, CSV files are inescapable. Critical business processes like order management, lead management, payroll processing, customer or partner onboarding, data pipelines, and more can require importing data from CSV files into one business app or another.

While business applications do provide tools to import CSVs, the process of manually downloading CSV files and importing them is tedious, and limited with what you can do. Additionally, these files come with their own challenges like large size, variable headers, missing data and more.

In this session, we will work through examples of loading data from CSV files into SaaS applications, moving large CSV files from on-prem to the cloud, and more.


What will you learn? 

  • Processing CSV files for data loads
  • Working with large files with streaming
  • Best practices for managing exceptions and errors
  • Working with variable headers, fixed format files
  • And more
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Hosted By

Omri Ben Moshe
Automation Consultant
Rishi Debnath
Automation Evangelist