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Why this is important

Business systems group in a lot of enterprises consists of big teams developing and managing automations. As team size grows, it becomes important to track and audit changes made by the team members so that disruptions to business are minimized by unintended changes.

What this means

Activity audit log provides quick and easy access to events, operations and actions done by users of Workato workspace. It is a critical tool for administrators to monitor changes done to the integrations. Activity audit log is available in the Dashboard > Audit tab.


  • Critical investigation tool in case of unauthorized or unintended operations
  • Create activity audit document for compliance purposes
  • Visibility and monitoring in a collaborative team environment
  • Helps administrators answer questions such as –
    • Which user stopped the recipe? When?
    • When did the user last login?
    • What actions a user has taken in the last 7 days?
    • Who invited a collaborator?
    • When was my connection modified? By Who?


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Table of Contents