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Accelerate Product Usage Insights With Snowflake Automations

Published: May 2020

Why should you watch? 

Product usage data is an incredibly rich information source to learn how customers interact with your product. It contains important insights for onboarding and supporting new customers, locating upsell and cross-sell opportunities, preventing churn, and supporting user experience and product roadmap decisions.

However, in most cases, this information is not available when you need it, in a format you can immediately use. You need to go through data experts, and when they finally get to it, these insights are already out of date. How can you unlock these insights and make them actionable by your teams in real time for game-changing business outcomes?

Join us in our upcoming session to learn how automations can take the guesswork out of user engagement, make your data accessible, mitigate churn, help expand your most important accounts, and enhance the customer experience.


What will you learn?

  • Analyze product usage and trends
  • Make insights accessible by connecting Snowflake with business apps
  • Use insights-driven automation to support sales, product, and more
  • Develop product intelligence best practices
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Hosted By

Raina Ahuja
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Madeleine Goh
Product Intelligence