Product Hour

A practical guide to data transformations with Workato

Published: Aug 2021

Why should you watch? 

Transforming data is an essential part of your integration and automation project. Transformation can include: converting data from one format to another; converting raw source data into usable forms; converting data types; cleansing by removing dups or noise; and enriching with 3rd party data sources.

Join this Product Hour to learn how you can use built-in formulas, array processing, SQL-based transformations, and custom code to meet the most demanding data transformation needs for your automation projects.


What will you learn?

  • Data cleansing, validation, and enrichment
  • Merging and joining data from multiple sources
  • Aggregate transformations with Workato Collections
  • Pushdown SQL transformations for ELT
  • Advanced transformations with Javascript, Ruby
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Hosted By

Kale Bogdanovs
Sr. Outbound Product Manager