Product Hour

A practical guide to automated invoicing and usage-based billing

Published: Sep 2021

The perfect CPQ and billing solution for fast growing B2B products is a myth. Processes and requirements change rapidly as the complexity and scale of your business evolves.

Automating your billing and payment processing can help you eliminate manual errors, dramatically cut the workload for your accounting teams, and reduce DSO.

But getting it done requires complex data validations, audit and approvals for compliance, and resilience to errors. Getting it wrong can cost you revenue, time, and customer churn.

Join Amy Jorde from Malwarebytes to learn how they created a robust solution that supports flexible quoting, accurate usage based billing, real-time revenue recognition and payment processing.

What will you learn?

  • Designing for flexible invoicing 
  • Fast and accurate invoice processing 
  • More visibility and control on invoice status
  • Building for usage-based billing
  • And more...
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Hosted By

Amy Jorde
Senior Integration Engineer, Malwarebytes