Product Hour

7 steps to implement event-driven architecture

Published: Mar 2023

Event-driven architecture is an architectural style where decoupled applications, microservices, and IoT devices can asynchronously exchange events as they occur via an event broker. It requires building systems such that they can sense/detect business events as they occur (such as an order placed, a payment received, inventory updated, an order shipped, etc.) and distribute them in real-time to all interested parties/systems to help make time-critical informed decisions.

The ability to react to events in real-time, and being able to add services, analytics quickly and easily considerably enhances business processes and customer experience.

Watch this Product Hour session to learn how you can use Workato’s Kafka capability to create an event driven architecture.

What will you learn?

  • Identifying the right problem
  • Building the foundations for EDA
  • Choosing your pilot application
  • Decomposing the Event Flow
  • Getting your first win
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Hosted By

Rishi Debnath
Automation Evangelist
Arkadiy Rushkevich
Director PM