Product Hour

5 ways to drive SaaS growth using product usage insights

Published: Dec 2021

Why should you watch?

Product usage analytics is the most powerful and often the least used tool to drive engagement for your SaaS product.

You can use product usage data to learn about what users like the most about your product, the drop off points in onboarding, paths to success, how adoption differs between various user segments, and much more.

However, the challenge remains in combining insights from product analytics tools like Pendo, transactional data from your product database, CRM and product support insights.

Then comes the challenge of making these insights actionable to create tailored experiences for your users.

Join this Product Hour to learn how you can build data pipelines for ingesting data from disparate sources, creating personalized experiences in your product for each user segment to drive faster adoption and usage.


What will you learn? 

  • Creating data pipelines for Pendo
  • Building a customer data platform in Snowflake
  • Enabling GTM teams with usage insights
  • Personalizing product experiences using segmentation
  • And more
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Hosted By

Ee Liang Sim
Product Manager