Product Hour

5 Ways Data Can Inform Your Content Strategy

Why should you watch? 

Content marketing is a creative endeavor, but data and analytics can be game changers for content marketing as they are for paid, social, affiliate, and email marketing.

From answering confidently that your blog posts are driving conversions, to measuring engagement for your videos on YouTube, to finding the most productive channels for driving traffic - quick access to answers and insights can help develop an effective and scalable content strategy.

Join us and learn how unexpected automations can give you a comprehensive look into your content performance, easily give you access to the right data at the right time, and help tailor your content to generate impact business results.


What will you learn?

  • Personalize webinar content for higher engagement
  • Drive higher impressions/views on social platforms
  • Increase video watch time on YouTube
  • Reduce bounce rate on blog posts
  • Automate monthly dashboards with Snowflake
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Hosted By

Aanvi Guliani
Product Marketing Intern
Raina Ahuja
Senior Product Marketing Manager