Data Orchestration

Do more with your data, faster. Move data across any source and destination with scale and speed – all on one platform.

Build robust data pipelines in minutes

Deliver high quality data with smarter data pipelines with custom logic that are resilient to errors, adapt to schema drifts, provide flexibility to transform data, and puts you in control of every step with complete visibility.

  • Unmatched connectivity and flexibility

    Unmatched connectivity and flexibility

    Integrate effortlessly using 1200+ pre-built connectors for cloud apps, on-prem databases & ERPs, APIs, data streams, message queues and more. Easily configure how often you want to load data – from real-time to polled to running on a precise schedule.

  • Instant unlimited scaling for high performance

    Instant unlimited scaling for high performance

    High-speed extraction from cloud and on-premises sources, direct path data transfers from ground to cloud with SmartShunt, and direct bulk loading into cloud data warehouses. Built-in dynamic optimization, parallelization, and concurrency management maximize data pipeline throughput.

  • Your data, your rules

    Your data, your rules

    Use push-down for ELT or perform complex data transformations in recipes to cleanse, validate, aggregate, sort, enrich, join, merge, and much more, using 400+ built-in formulas or create custom transformations using OpenAI, Ruby, AWS Lambda, JavaScript, Python, dbt or SQL.

  • Get the right data faster with less effort

    Get the right data faster with less effort

    Event-based triggers simplify change data capture, custom query languages give you control, and schema introspection captures related objects. Built-in transaction cursors ensure that you never have to worry about duplicate events, out-of-order processing, or losing data when recovering from failures.

  • High-speed data transformation at scale

    High-speed data transformation at scale

    Directly run SQL queries to transform your CSV, JSON, and Excel files stored inside Workato FileStorage, bypassing the need for database transfers. Simplify your data preparation and accelerate pipeline processes. Get results fast, even with large datasets and complex queries.

  • Make insights actionable with Reverse ETL

    Make insights actionable with Reverse ETL

    Empower your business teams to take data-driven actions by seamlessly pushing real-time insights from your cloud data warehouse directly into the applications they use every day. Activate your data and drive action where it matters most, all in near-real time.

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