Software License Optimization

By Workato

Automate the process of identifying & deprovisioning underutilized app licenses.

Robust Solution
Digital Business

Research has shown that up to 38% of a company’s software spend is wasted on unused or underutilized app licenses. Workato’s Software License Optimization Accelerator provides an immediate, yet customizable solution organizations can deploy at scale to identify and take action on underutilized app licenses.

Improving operational efficiency starts with removing wasted spend so this accelerator provides immediate ROI to any business trying to achieve more with less.

The accelerator comes with pre-built integrations for specific applications, as well as generic functions to process manual reports from any application. The accelerator brings together industry best practices to provide a standardized framework to optimize licenses at scale across an organization.

Features include:

  • Pre-built & customizable models to analyze and automate actions on app utilization for specific apps that can be customized to your team’s usage.
  • Orchestration framework to allow for easy onboarding of new applications or for tailoring the process flow as needed.
  • Approval workflows that seamlessly integrate with Slack to ensure notifications and actions take place in a timely manner.