Knowledge Workbot Accelerator


Pre-built solution for building knowledge bot with existing enterprise knowledge systems and LLM

Robust Solution
Digital Business

This Accelerator leverages generative AI with supported LLM providers and Vector databases to generate answers from diverse data sources to provide seamless experience to the users without needing to go to multiple data source systems and find correct answers.

This Accelerator provides a “plug and play” resource for Workato builders to implement Knowledge Bot from existing data sources of an organization. It gives an immediate starting point to remove the majority of the upfront development work typically required for this kind of framework and is customizable to suit any organization’s ecosystem of applications. 

Choice of LLM providers and Vector database as well as user interface may vary across organizations and even in the same organization they may be changed over a period of time. Accelerator follows a modular approach to enable easy replacement of any of the systems in the accelerator. with minimum changes.

Features include:

  • Data Ingestion: Out-of-box support for getting data from Confluence, Github, Onprem files
  • Vector Data Store: Support for Pinecone and Snowflake as Vector database
  • LLM Providers: Support for OpenAI and Cohere as LLM providers, Accelerator LLM provider to generate Embedding and Chat completion
  • Interaction: Support for Slack and MS Teams for user interaction
  • Support for enabling access control to Workbots
  • Moderation API call to detect policy violation for OpenAI
  • Simple and easy to install