Enterprise Data Hub

By Workato

Create a standardized and trusted source of truth for your critical records

Robust Solution

Digital Business

Core data such as customers, employees, orders, and campaigns are critical drivers of a modern digital business as they power your analytics, process automation, decision rules, data science initiatives, and more. Workato’s Enterprise Data Hub Accelerator provides a robust solution for efficiently managing your organization’s key master records and ensuring you have a single trusted source for this data which remains cleansed, enriched, and always up-to-date using near real-time data synchronization.

Whether you are embarking on a customer 360 initiative, creating an employee data hub, or a digital marketing hub, this Accelerator provides you with all the capabilities you need to get up and running fast.

The Enterprise Data Hub Accelerator provides a collection of prebuilt recipes, starter data models, an easy to use connector, and configurable schema.

Features include:

  • Pre-built integrations with Snowflake and a variety of data sources to rapidly centralize, enrich and cleanse data so it can be leveraged across the company.
  • Data validation rules & triggers provide configuration-based data validation for all ingested records and triggers to notify stakeholders of any potential issues.
  • Customizable data models that are usable out-of-the box but can be tailored for your organization’s Customer 360 or Employee Data Hub projects.