Autonomous Operations Framework

By Workato

Error handling, logging, notification, and automated recovery framework

Robust Solution
Digital Business

At an organization level, automation failures may occur during runtime and, if not handled correctly, can lead to impacts for key business processes. Workato’s Autonomous Operations Framework Accelerator addresses these issues by providing a common solution for notifications, logging and automated recovery when errors are encountered.

This accelerator provides a “plug and play” resource for Workato builders to incorporate into their recipes in order to handle errors in a consistent fashion. It gives an immediate starting point to remove the majority of the upfront development work typically required and is customizable to suit any organization’s ecosystem of applications. For organizations that have multiple teams with varied folder level access within their Workato workspace, the Error Handling Framework is accessible to all users using an out-of-the-box connector.

The Autonomous Operations Framework Accelerator provides an automated system for identifying and remediating errors.

Features include:

  • Error logging and visibility to ensure that there is visibility on errors encountered within recipes and can be leveraged for analyzing errors and taking corrective measures.
  • Automated recovery from transient errors without human intervention such as errors related to the API rate limits or temporary unavailability of host servers.
  • Notifications & alerting ensuring that the relevant persons are notified through the appropriate channels whether it be a channel on Slack, email, creating a ticket, or another application.