AIML Accelerator

By Workato

Power up your automations using AIML PLatforms within your recipe.

Robust Solution
Digital Business

Organizations are enabling both business and IT teams to build more automations faster with Workato's low-code/no-code platform to propel their business vision forward.

This accelerator provides the building blocks needed to train a machine learning model and utilise it to draw Predictions to automate end to end Business processes.

In today’s world, innovations in machine learning and artificial intelligence have drastically altered the world as we know it. Advances in the way that computers “think” have powered everything from self-driving cars to personal assistants like Siri and Alexa.

Machine learning can help recipes better classify support tickets and send them to the appropriate help desk. By giving it thousands or millions of previous tickets and the categories they belong to, the automation can “learn” the features that are most relevant for classifying the ticket.

The recipes in this accelerator are modularly designed, allowing users to integrate with any machine learning platform. It is a framework that allows any citizen developer to deploy a machine learning model and use it in their automations.

Features include:

  • Unlock access to data with the ability to connect to thousands of enterprise business systems
  • Transform data on the fly and load it into various databases, storage systems, and ML platforms
  • Configuration-driven data validation
  • Drive AutoML capabilities directly from within Workato
  • Easily plug into deployed models for inference
  • Evaluate ML model output to drive intelligent automation
  • Integrate ML output or ML-driven automation back into business systems & processes