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  • Workbot Jira
    • Build custom automations between Slack and other applications
    • Create no-code Slack apps for manual processes
    • Reduce context switching and help teams stay focused

Workbot is the no-code, enterprise bot for Slack

Workbot is Workato’s Enterprise bot for Slack: and it’s absolutely no-code. With Workbot, you can trigger and manage automated workflows in other applications without leaving the familiar Slack interface.

Many companies, including Slack itself, use Workbot to manage pesky manual steps. Instead of switching between applications to complete these steps, Workbot lets you do it all in Slack:

  • send
    Route leads or tickets

    Assign leads or tickets to the right people in a Slack channel, group, or direct message

  • notification
    Send notifications

    Deliver insights or keep team members updated on the status of an automated task

  • thumbsup
    Manage approvals

    Let managers sign off on automated processes, like PTO requests, and remind them of open requests

  • speech
    Send notifications

    Surface exceptions, like a missed deadline, for stakeholders to resolve manually

Workbot accelerators let you build exactly what you want, but way faster

Accelorators give you the flexibility to build without having to start from scratch. For example, you’re adding a standard routing or approval step. Instead you can use pre-packaged accelerators to lower the barrier to entry and speed up delivery.

Get to know the business value of Workbot

  • Slack sees 70% faster deal approvals with Workbot

    See how Slack uses Workbot to simplify manual approval and recruiting tasks.

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  • Rapid7 frees up thousands of hours and triples referrals

    See how cybersecurity firm Rapid7 became faster and more efficient with Workato.

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  • Tango Card cuts two weeks off its bot SDLC with Workbot

    See how gift card platform Tango Card pays vendor bills faster with Approvals Bot.

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It’s super easy to build no-code applications with Workbot.

You can take a look under the hood here as Workato builds our own Slack bots with Workbot.

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