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Approval Workflows

Approval Workflows

Deal Desk

When a Deal Desk request is created in Salesforce, the request can also be sent to a specific channel or sent as a message. When clicking the Approve or Reject buttons, Workbot will authenticate the user to ensure that he/she has sufficient privileges to administer that action.

IT Request Approvals

Quickly and easily request for equipment via ServiceNow from Teams. The designated approver can also view the buyer history of the requester before approving or rejecting the request, and the requester will receive a message regarding the outcome.

Order Fulfillment Approvals

When a purchase is made that needs to be fulfilled, like an eCommerce purchase, it often requires some form of approval. These can be routed to Teams for a fast response. The fulfillment process can even be kickstarted automatically.

Vacation / Expense Approvals

Going on a vacation or need to file for an expense report? Quickly request the approval from your manager within Teams. All the information will be updated in your HR and Finance apps, like Workday and Expensify.

Approval Workflows
Approval Workflows

Chat Ops

Security Ops

Handle all your security operations from Teams. You can connect Okta to Workbot to receive notifications for any suspicious activity like a login from an unusual location, and act on it right from Teams. You can even perform actions such as viewing recent logins and provisioning/deprovisioning accounts.

Automated ITOps Follow-up

Automatically assign a Jira or GitHub issue to someone when critical issues arise from a monitoring tool. Workbot can notify everyone in the appropriate channel when an issue is assigned or updated.

Smart, Actionable Alerts from DevOps

Instead of receiving a firehose of alerts, you can define various thresholds, monitor velocity of alerts and then based on those settings, Workbot will post alerts to the relevant channel or user on Teams.

Approval Workflows

Connected Support

Quickly Raise Support Tickets

Take actions within your apps right from Teams. Quickly raise support tickets so you can save time and focus on providing a better customer experience.

View Tickets Easily

Need to look up ticket information? Simply type “show ticket” to see specific ticket details, or “list tickets” to view the last few tickets opened by the same user.

Ticket Escalation Workflow

Easily escalate support tickets to engineering by creating the corresponding ticket in Jira from Zendesk right from Teams. You can even set up a new channel and invite the relevant support agents and engineers to resolve the issue, log comments to the tickets directly, without hopping in and out of the different apps.

Connected Support
Approval Workflows

Connected Sales and Marketing

Visually Track Your Progress

Workbot can help you monitor your sales target and daily progress by displaying charts that automatically update as you work through your day.

Get Information Quickly and Watch URLs Unfurl

Get a quick refresher on the opportunities you’re working on without having to log into the app itself. Send Workbot URLs of opportunities and receive all the important details instantly.

Get Personalized Notifications

Receive custom notifications as updates are made to any of your leads and opportunities. Customize what specific updates trigger notifications and what type of information is surfaced to you.

Connected Sales and Marketing

Completely customize your workflows, commands, and notifications across 300+ apps

Workbot commands are powered by the Workato platform via recipes. Customize recipes for your specific use cases, or create your own workflows and commands from scratch.

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