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Intelligent Workflows, ChatOps, Notifications across all your apps

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Approval workflows

Approval workflows

Deal Desk

When a Deal Desk request is created from your CRM, a notification is posted to a specific chat channel or Workplace group. Upon clicking the Approve or Reject buttons, Workbot will authenticate the user to ensure they have sufficient privileges to administer actions before automatically logging request to CRM.

PTO Approvals

Employee's request time-off from Workplace triggering a notification to be relayed to their manager with an approval or rejection option. Request is logged for PTO tracking.

Expense Approvals

Expense reports submitted in Workplace are relayed to a manager for approval. Requests are simultaneously logged in HR and financial systems.

Deal Desk
Human Resources

Human Resources

Automated Employee Onboarding

Set workflow to provision new employee workspaces, create facilities tickets, and manage new resources to ensure a standard, smooth, and instantaneous onboarding experience.

Job Posting Management

Manage the hiring process end-to-end directly from Workplace. Receive job submission inquiry alerts, track application statuses, set interviews, and manage hiring tasks.

Employees FAQ Knowledge Centre

Enable employees to obtain real-time information regarding benefits, holidays, user access privileges and much more.

Automated Employee Onboarding
Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications

Acknowledgment & Automated Follow-ups

Ensure your communications reach your entire workforce. Receive a 360-degree-view of messages sent, received, and opened. Set automated reminders to ensure follow-up communications for those who did not acknowledge the message.

Employee Sentiment Check

Check-in on your employee-base and the socio-cultural health of your organization. Push sentiment surveys and receive scaled feedback to better understand and improve employee experience.

Employee Wellness

Provide guidance and reminders to employees in various wellness activities and company-wide challenges.

Acknowledgment & Automated Follow-ups
Connected IT

Connected IT

Security & Compliance

Ensure the usage of Workplace remains within acceptable user policies, and complies with regulations required of your organization. When a policy is breached, the right teams are notified to take swift action.

Self-Serve IT HelpDesk

Create IT tickets within Workplace to provision applications, request hardware, report technical issues, and much more.

Connected Systems

Use Workplace to build the social fabric of your organization. Securely integrate critical business tools with Workplace chat to increase productivity and reduce context switching.

Security & Compliance

Completely customize your workflows, commands, and notifications across 1000+ apps

Workbot commands are powered by the Workato platform via recipes. Customize recipes to suit your specific app customizations, or create your own workflows and commands to work with your business needs.

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What can Workbot do?

Workbot understands your custom Salesforce implementation

Get relevant notifications regarding your leads, contacts, cases
View leads, accounts, cases and act on them
Get a pie chart with a summary of all your opportunities

Users love Workbot

Jonathan Goh

Jonathan Goh Application Architect

We started using Workato about 2 weeks into the Covid-19 pandemic to capture real-time travel declarations and the statuses of 11,000 employees. This not only saves administrative time, but creates a great experience for our employees, who can complete a declaration within Workplace from Facebook in just 15 to 30 seconds.

Jonathan Goh Application Architect SMRT

Work your apps from Workplace from Facebook.

The only bot you need to get work done across all your apps, databases, and micro-services.

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